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The first decade Where the legend begins

      Sixty years ago, Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya, the founder of TCP Group, began his career as a pharmaceutical supplies salesman. Aspiring to have a business of his own, Chaleo founded a pharmaceutical company by the name of T.C. Pharmaceutical Ltd. on March 27, 1956. The first office was a rented building at Rambuttri alley on Khaosan Road. 
      In its early days, the company invented its own pharmaceutical formulations and commissioned a trusted manufacturer in Germany for production. The formulas include Endothelin (antidiarrheal medicine) and Alumac (for stomachache). Afterwards, Chaleo established a manufacturing facility in Bangkok by the name of T.C. Mycin at Sake alley, right behind the Rattanakosin Hotel. Under the T.C. Mycin brand, he developed new medications such as pain relief, fever relief, antibiotics for pus and abscess treatment, ear drops and eye drops. The brand was first advertised in cinemas, outdoor cinemas, mobile cinemas, on radios, and most importantly on the first-ever taxi lightboxes which became a phenomenal success and made TC Mycin an instant household name.



The second decade Rapid expansion through innovation

TC Pharmaceutical Ltd. relocated its manufacturing facility from Sake alley to the outskirts of Bangkok, on Ekachai Road in Bangbon District, and expanded its product range from pharmaceutical to consumer goods, debuted with a cosmetic brand called “Tattoo”

       Chaleo saw huge potentials in the domestic ready-to-drink beverage market, particularly energy drinks. Extensive researches  were conducted which allowed him to come up with a success formula for the product. Not long after, Theoplex-D Syrup 1000cc was launched. Its trademark with two red bulls colliding was so memorable it earned the brand a nickname “Red Bull”.
         This led to the launch of ‘Red Bull’ 1500cc energy drink which owed its meteoric success to innovative and robust marketing campaign “Red Bull Soo Sa” (Sprightly Red Bull) that included price reduction, branded premium giveaway in exchange of used product caps, and more. The company is the first in Thailand to spearhead such a groundbreaking way to do marketing and also employed a holistic approach in media mix to create fast awareness for the brand.



The third decade Global presence, Thai pride

Based on the spectacular success of Red Bull in Thailand, Chaleo saw an opportunity to expand its growth to foreign markets, particularly Asia and Europe. On August 28, 1978, T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. was founded as a manufacturing and export company of the Red Bull brand, with Singapore as its first export market.

Later on, Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian businessman who is the company’s business partner and representative, expressed an interest in marketing Red Bull in Europe. As a result, Red Bull GmbH was founded in Austria, in collaboration between both parties with Mr. Chaleo’s family and Dietrich holding 50% and 49% of the shares respectively. Red Bull GmbH marketed and distributed the brand in over 70 countries globally at that time.

         Another milestone for the company in Thailand includes the launch of a game-changing electrolyte beverage brand Sponsor. With its ready-to-drink format, Sponsor revolutionized the way sports lovers and athletes used to re-hydrate themselves in the old days by mixing electrolyte powder and water.


1988 – 1997

The forth decade   Solidifying the leadership position in Thailand

In 1988, Red Bull Beverage Co., Ltd. was established to focus on brand building, marketing and sales activities. With its in-depth understanding of the Thai market, the company pioneered various tactics in trade management and communication to the consumers. Many new products such as Red Bull coffee and Red Bull cola were developed to meet consumer needs.

In 1996, to develop better distribution channels and maximize reach to consumers, T.G. Vending and Showcase Industries Co., Ltd. was founded. The company brings the latest vending technology from Japan to Thailand and installed machines in key industrial estates as strategic priorities.


1998 – 2007

The fifth decade Foundational launch of manufacturing hub and distribution capacity

Our visionary leader, Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya, decided to expand manufacturing capacities and saw the need to relocate the plant from the outskirts of Bangkok to a vast 2,000-rai (790 acres) space in Bansang District, Prachinburi province.

The growth momentum of the business also called for a better distribution system. As a result, Durbell Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 as full-scale distributor.


2008 – 2017

The sixth decade  Insights-Driven portfolio expansion

Our focus is to provide today’s consumers with quality products that answer different lifestyle needs, and our continuous efforts in research & development have enabled us to stay ahead of the game.



The seventh decade Powering ahead with TCP Group

2018 Powering ahead with TCP Group synergy With our vision to become a great Thai enterprise representing all that is good about Thailand and bringing honour to our country on the global stage through our products and services, TCP Group is established to leverage the strengths of subsidiary companies and to drive synergy, agility and scale. The TCP Group comprises of T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd., Red Bull Beverage Co., Ltd, T.G. Vending and Showcase Industries Co., Ltd. and Durbell Co., Ltd. Our goal is to create a sustainable growth and economic, social and environmental values in every community we operate.