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On 23 January 2018, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has graciously presided over the official opening of ‘Chaleo Yoovidhya Nusorn’ building, inspired by the vision of Chaleo Yoovidhya, at Chiang Mai University – with Pranadda and Nucharee Yoovidhya on hand to greet her upon her arrival, as a gesture of their gratefulness for HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s boundless kindness to the Yoovidhya family.


As an alumnus of the Department of Chemistry in Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Science, Pranadda Yoovidhya – a Board Director of the TCP Group – has been inspired by the vision of her father, Chaleo Yoovidhya, founder of the TCP Group – in contributing to society when presented with the opportunity, through his motto: Every penny we earn comes from the Thai consumers. Thus, we should spend our profits for the benefit of our homeland.

In commemoration of Chiang Mai University’s 50th Anniversary in 2015, Pranadda Yoovidhya personally donated 113,827,209.06 Baht of her own cash, to fund the renovation of the first Chemistry Building (Chemistry Building 1) of Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Science. With the University’s permission, she took the lead in renovation management. The renovation began on 1 October 2013, and was completed on 31 March 2015 – taking a total of one year and six months.


Subsequently, Pranadda donated an additional amount of 37,136,719.69 Baht from her personal savings to fund the construction of the ‘Chaleo Yoovidhya Nusorn’ building, which is connected to the Chemistry Building 1. To mark the auspicious occasion for the Yoovidhya family, the construction was implemented under the name ‘Chaleo Yoovidhya Nusorn Fund’, whereby – with the University’s permission – Pranadda was tasked in charge of construction management. The main objective of this construction was to increase the number of modern classrooms and laboratories to adequately accommodate the rising number of students.


The groundbreaking ceremony of the ‘Chaleo Yoovidhya Nusorn’ building was held on 16 March 2015. The building was completed on 28 January 2017, taking one year and 10 months in total. This building is a 3-storey reinforced concrete structure, connected to the Chemistry Building 1. Its architectural design blends in well with that of the Chemistry Building 1. The ‘Chaleo Yoovidhya Nusorn’ building covers 1,107.6 square meters of usable floor area. The first floor houses a scientific glassblowing laboratory with glassblowing facilities, and a glassblowing classroom. The second and third floors house research laboratories for the University’s staff and for special projects coordinated with other entities. This building is expected to serve as a venue for producing high-quality graduates in chemistry and other fields within Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Science.

In addition, the ‘Chaleo Yoovidhya Nusorn’ building has great sentimental value for all employees at TCP, as it also houses the ‘Memorial Hall of Chaleo Yoovidhya’ that showcases the fame and significance of Chaleo Yoovidhya’s philanthropic endeavors for Thailand in all aspects, and his dedication to building mutual achievements with Thai society. The Memorial Hall exhibits the biography and works of Chaleo Yoovidhya and the Yoovidhya family, since the early days when T.C. Pharmaceutical was first established 60 years ago, to the time when the Company grew from humble beginnings in the pharmaceutical business to its astounding success in the energy drink business with the world-renowned ‘Red Bull’ brand. The Memorial Hall displays a rare exhibition of diverse products from the TCP Group, from the past to the present. Open to the general public on official working days and hours, the exhibition at the Memorial Hall of Chaleo Yoovidhya is expected to provide beneficial information, and inspire visitors to take Chaleo Yoovidhya as a role model in work and life.