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TCP Group launches ‘Ready Boott’ to reinforce its leadership in the premium energy drink market


Photo shows (From left) Ms. Pitchanart Sakakorn, Mrs. Natha Boonprasit, Corporate Affairs and Communications Director - TCP Group, Mr. Jirayu Tantrakul, spokesmodel for Ready Boott premium energy drink, Mr. Surachai Chonglertvarawong, TCP Group’s Thailand Country Director, Ms. Worawalan Boonkerd, Thailand Marketing Department Manager – Thailand, Ms. Pirawan Montienmanee, Thailand Marketing Section Manager – Ready, Ms. Thanyawan Devahastin Na Ayudhya, celebrity guests, pictured together at Gaysorn Urban Resort, Floor 19.    

Bangkok (24 September 2018) – TCP Group, the manufacturer and distributor of ‘Ready’ reinforced its leadership in the energy drinks category with the launch of ‘Ready Boott’ today.  It is suitable for men, of the new generation, who manage to look good and stay fit and firm.  The new reformulated drink contains zinc and L-Arginine offering better benefits.  An inviting tagline: ‘Ready Boott: ready to roll…in any situation!’ was also introduced to attract the new-generation of working-age consumers. A full-scale marketing communication campaign, budgeted at Bht 100 million, and covering all channels will be undertaken with popular actor ‘Got’ Jirayu Thantrakul as the brand spokesmodel representing the target group.  Ready is    the first premium energy drink to clearly target white collar workers with product benefit and great brand image.

The launch of Ready Boott will build on success from the launch of Ready Pink and Ready Black last year which contributed to 20% growth of the brand in 2016, leading Ready to control more than 50% share in the premium energy drinks segment.



Mr. Surachai Chonglertvarawong, TCP Group’s Thailand Country Director said, “Office workers and the young generation are the brand’s potential target group as they offer a strong growth opportunity in the premium energy drinks market.  Ready’s sales has grown more than 20% (while the premium energy drink market grows only 10%). 

“We have to introduce products that meet their needs in every aspect, whether in terms of taste, consumer health benefit and appearance.  “Ready” has consistently contributed to the year-on-year growth of TCP’s energy drinks sales.  The launch of Ready Boott and with ‘Got’ Jirayu Tantrakul as our new spokesmodel will not only help strengthen the brand’s positioning and reinforce our leadership in the premium category but also offset a slowdown in the energy drinks market” Mr. Surachai added.



Ready Boott is specially suitable for men, of the new generation, aged 25-34, who work hard yet manage to look good and stay fit and firm.  The beverage offers health benefits from zinc and L-Arginine to energize the muscles.  It also has been reformulated in line with today’s health trend by introducing a mildly sweet flavor and a rounded sweet and sour taste with the pleasant aroma of grape and pomegranate. 

“Our marketing budget of Bht 100 million covers a full range of marketing activities, including a campaign via outdoor advertising, point-of-sale media, in-store promotion, and an exclusive activity featuring spokesmodel Got Jirayu Tantrakul. We are also undertaking a campaign to distribute samples to get consumers to try Ready Boott’s rounded sweet and sour taste,” said Mr. Surachai.



“We chose the young actor Khun ‘Got’ Jirayu Thantrakul as our spokesmodel for Ready Boott as he is the embodiment of a health-conscious hard working young man who takes his acting roles seriously while looking good and ready to show off a firm body. He represents the brand’s strengths as a premium energy drink helping keep the new generation active whether at work or looking after themselves in line with the product’s tagline: “Ready Boott ready to roll… in any situation,” Mr. Surachai concluded.



The launch of Ready Boott is in keeping with TCP’s strategy to maintain its image as one of Thailand’s most admired companies in global stage.  The new-formula Ready Boott is expected to strengthen energy drink product and drive the group’s sales to Bht 100 billion to achieve TCP’s performance goal.  TCP Group is confident that the new Ready Boott will enable sales of Ready energy drinks to grow continuously. 



The market for premium energy drinks (with a retail price of Bht 15 and higher) is valued at around Bht 1,600 million.  Ready leads the market with a market share of 50% with overall sales for the period ended August 2018 exceeding Bht 600 million. The brand is expected to achieve total sales of over Bht 900 million by the end of 2018, up 15% from 2017.

‘Ready’ premium energy drink in 150-ml bottles is now available for Bht 15 at leading retail stores nationwide.

Find further information and activity of Ready and TCP Group at www.tcp.com 

“Ready Boott ready to roll… in any situation”