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‘MANSOME’, Thailand’s leading and top-selling functional drink for men by the TCP Group, has recently unveiled an online commercial that conveys the new-generation men’s desire to look good through a straightforward message regarding self-care. 

Aimed at strengthening brand love for ‘MANSOME’, this commercial stands out from that of others in the functional drink market, as it is presented in the form of research interviews with real MANSOME consumers, who are men of the school-to-work age bracket. The commercial shooting is also real and unscripted, as it features real interviews with real customers. This newly launched commercial encourages all men to take care of themselves properly through regular physical exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep – a message known by many, but easier said than done. The message is conveyed from a different perspective, in a straightforward and sincere manner. 

With its fresh and delicious taste, plus beneficial ingredients in all formulas – such as collagen, fiber, glutathione, and zinc; MANSOME serves as a supplement to help men look good, stay healthy, and have glowing skin – when drinking, and keep exercising, eating healthy foods, and getting enough sleep. The message emphasizes that drinking functional drinks alone is never enough, without proper care for oneself. 

MANSOME is available in a variety of flavors: ‘MANSOME Collagen’ (Blue Bottle) containing 2,000mg of collagen for feeling and looking good; ‘MANSOME Fiber’ (Green Bottle) containing 10,000mg of fiber for refreshment and healthy digestion; and ‘MANSOME L-Glutathione’ (Red Bottle) containing 200% of L-Glutathione and Vitamin C for radiant skin. For consumers who are concerned about taking less sugar, MANSOME Less Sugar formulas come with gray bottle cap, containing 75% less sugar. And for those who are looking for a sparkling twist, ‘MANSOME Fruit Soda’ is also up for the taking.