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‘Krating Daeng’ global energy drink brand  further strengthens iconic status in Southeast Asia 



Bangkok (11 June 2019) – TCP Group, the manufacturer and distributor of Krating Daeng, the energy drink brand with No. 1 market share in Southeast Asia, announced today that it is making headway into Singapore, breaking new ground with ‘Red Bull Plus’ – a premium sugar-free energy drink that targets young people pursuing healthy lifestyle and public image.  It is also intensifying its successful efforts in Thailand with the launch of ‘Krating Daeng Extra’ in new packaging as well as a huge investment of over Bht 3,000 million to strengthen the brand’s position through 3 marketing strategies  as it aims to double sales in Southeast Asia to Bht 60,000 million within 3 years. 



Mr. Supachai Junkeiat, TCP Group’s Global Marketing Division Director, said,  “Krating Daeng or Red Bull is a globally well-known brand. It is also the only energy drink brand from Thailand to be No. 1 leader in Southeast Asia with a market share of around 40% while being a top 3 energy drink brand in every country it has a presence.         It is also the pioneering brand for energy drinks that has been successful for over 40 years.   The brand has the largest outreach in overseas markets with a wide range of products in  its portfolio to truly cover every consumer need in every segment.”

TPC will take the offensive to market a portfolio of Krating Daeng products in Southeast Asian markets where sales are expected to grow by 15% in 2019.


“We recognise the potential of Singapore as a high-growth market and an international business hub.  Besides, consumers there have started to care about sugar intake control.  So, we decided to launch ‘Red Bull Plus’ energy drink for the first time in Singapore.  ‘Red Bull Plus’ is a premium-formula energy drink with no sugar, which contains   a variety of nourishing vitamins such as B3, B5, B6 and B12.  Not only does it offers energy, it also helps with the functioning of the brain and nervous system.  The new variant comes in cool new packaging known as slim can.  Its main target includes young people who are looking for options that are good for care about their health and public image.  It will be available first in Singapore in late June and we plan to later make it available in other markets,” said   Mr. Supachai.


“To make Thai brands grow and famous at the global level, you need to start from building    a strong foundation for your organisation like ‘people’.  Krating Daeng has formed Global Marketing Team and marketing teams for individual markets.  There are more than   100 team members to look after Krating Daeng’s marketing across Southeast Asia.  Their goals are to synthesize a global brand’s perspective with local market insights especially consumer behavior, culture and lifestyle to further strengthen our iconic brand, drive the organisation towards the same vision of being ‘a great Thai company on the world stage’,” added Mr. Supachai.


The 3 growth strategies to build on brand success are:


  1. Global collaboration for Krating Daeng to be a top 2 brand of energy drinks in every country in Southeast Asia          
    The addition of Global Marketing is a team reinforcement for international market push. TCP traditionally had International Business oversee its sale task and Global Marketing will further strengthen the position of Krating Daeng in today’s highly competitive market.
    Global Marketing will work with local marketing teams in individual countries. It will integrate global standard work ethics into the context of each market in which Krating Daeng operates to develop new innovations to grow consumer base and increase brand awareness to make Krating Daeng a top 2 energy drink brand in every Southeast Asian market.
  2.  Increasing growth potential as leader in the market for energy drinks in Southeast Asia with a wide range of products to meet consumer needs in every segmentsegment
    Krating Daeng is the only brand of energy drinks from Thailand to have widest variety of products in its portfolio – up to 10, each is a product of extensive consumer behavior studies to best meet consumer needs in every segment. The focus is on presenting strengths and different properties of individual products   as well as their nutritional benefits and other supplementary functions to improve brand value.
  3. Creating new game-changing format of communication innovation from thorough understanding of consumers in each country
    Krating Daeng relentlessly conducts research and study of consumer behavior to gain robust consumers understanding which are nuanced in individual countries. The study covers daily routine, consumption behavior, lifestyle, culture and factors influencing product buying decision. It leads to development of game-changing innovation in each market in Southeast Asia. Krating Daeng is the first Thai brand in the energy drink market to develop marketing innovation that focuses on communication with consumers on different digital platforms such as LINE (in Thailand), social media and Whatsapp (in overseas markets) in accordance with the context and popularity among consumers in each country. Krating Daeng has enjoyed phenomenal success with its use of digital platforms to reach consumers.


For the Thai market in 2019, Mr. Supachai said, “We have launched the new-formula ‘Krating Daeng Extra’ in new packaging with the ‘Try Now, Great Taste Guaranteed!’ campaign.  The new formula has been guaranteed of its great taste by more than 90% of consumers who tried it.  Our main target ranges from university students to working people aged 18-35. The product re-formulation resulted from our extensive study of consumer behavior and needs. We found unmet needs of consumers in terms of product taste and packaging.  It led to the modern makeover which makes the brand right for the new generation and their extra lifestyle.”



The launch of ‘Krating Daeng Extra’ is supported by a massive marketing activity under the ‘Try Now, Great Taste Guaranteed!’ campaign. The focus is on building broad awareness on the product by encouraging consumer trial. It includes a new TV commercial, nationwide sampling tour to hand out more than 1 million bottles, online media, out-of-home media, point-of-sale and in-store promotions, concerts in more than 300 venues around the country as well as the continuation of the popular ‘Krating Daeng Point’ activity for the second year in which consumers are encouraged to text the code under the bottle through LINE application to collect Krating Daeng points to exchange for a wide range of premiums.                

For more information and updates on Krating Daeng and TCP Group, visit  www.tcp.com  

Watch the new Krating Daeng Extra commercial at youtube channel Kratingdaeng Thailand