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‘Krating Daeng Extra’ with new formula launched - ‘Try Now, Great Taste Guaranteed!’Over 1 million bottles for free tasting nationwide


Bangkok (26 June 2019) – TCP Group, the manufacturer and distributor of Krating Daeng, the world-class energy drink brand that is No. 1 in Southeast Asia, announced today that it has invested over Bht 300 million to launch ‘Krating Daeng Extra’.  Reformulated with a new label design, Krating Daeng Extra has its great taste guaranteed by more than 90% of consumers across the country.  The new formula of Krating Daeng Extra comes in a red-cap bottle with vitamin B12, C and A for vision-improving and a black-cap bottle with vitamin B12 and zinc to help with body performance and muscular strength.  The launch further reinforces Krating Daeng’s position as Thailand’s first energy drink brand to innovate the category of beverage with added benefits and functions.  Focusing on a new generation of consumers, it offers a source of energy and refreshment to get the body ready for any situation as a full-package answer to an Extra-ordinary lifestyle.


As part the brand’s marketing strategy in Thailand this year, a focus is on market research and survey to discover market gaps and unmet needs of consumers and retailers and then develop products that meet the needs of both parties.  The group chose to offer a product makeover in Krating Daeng Extra.  The flavour has been reformulated to appeal to Thais and the new label has been given a modern design which made of durable and recyclable plastic.  Krating Daeng is the first energy drink to introduce the plastic label and the group is confident that  Krating Daeng Extra will be another driver to grow the brand’s sales by 12% in 2019.  

With the launch of ‘Krating Daeng Extra’, the brand looks to further expand its consumer base as the product makeover is designed to suit the new generation from university students to general professionals aged 18-35, anyone with an Extra-ordinary lifestyle and a lot of activities in one day - studying for exam, partying with friends, surfing the Internet or needing an energy to work to the full in any profession. 

Mr. Supachai Junkeiat, TCP Group’s Global Marketing Division Director


Marketing activities for ‘Krating Daeng Extra’ come under the ‘Try Now, Great Taste Guaranteed!’ campaign which focuses on encouraging tasting and extensive consumer engagement via a full range of communication channels.  The highlights of the campaign include  a nationwide tour to hand out more than 1 million bottles of the product and ‘Krating Daeng Points’ in which consumers are encouraged to subscribe to Krating Daeng via its LINE official account and then text the code under the bottle-cap to collect Krating Daeng points to exchange for a lot of premiums from now until 31 December 2019.  Krating Daeng is also the first energy drink brand to communicate with consumers through the digital platform and the brand has the most extensive consumer outreach.