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TCP Group’s “Sponsor” launches a “Sweat with Purpose” campaign for people to “sweat” together and help with the battle against COVID-19



 “Sponsor”, a sports drink brand under TCP Group, is blasting off its “Sweat with Purpose” campaign with creative activities that will not only revitalize people’s spirits, but will also lighten the burden of worries and stress brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. As participants increase their physical strength, they will also be given the opportunity to contribute to society through three activities -- “Sweat for Victory”, “Sweat for the Nation” and “Sweat to Help” – which will start at the end of April and run through all of May. 

Mr. Supachai Junkeiat, TCP Group’s Global Marketing Division Director, said: “For over a month, Thai people have had to refrain from taking part in social activities in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. Everybody has to continue staying home and practicing social distancing to prevent new infections. Sponsor also wants to join this crucial mission of keeping new patients to the minimum by launching its ‘Sweat with Purpose’ campaign. The aim of the campaign is to not just improve people’s physical and mental health, but to also give them a break from anxiety. I believe that Thais are capable of achieving any goal they put their heart to, and together we will overcome this challenging crisis in no time.” 

Sponsor has kicked off its “Sweat with Purpose” campaign with “Sweat for Victory”, in which family members and neighbors are challenged to become No. 1 in the Sponsor Homelympics 2020 competition by transforming simple household tasks into an intensive, but creative workout. The challenge is to modify six simple household chores into something brand new – ice-skating as you mop, gymnastics as you dust, paddling as you sweep, hopping as you water the garden, washing the car with freestyle moves, and lastly, turning a chore of your choice into a special, sweat-inducing exercise. The winner gets a Sponsor Homelympics medal along with gold valued at 5,000 baht. Visit  Sponsor Thailand’s Facebook page for more details

In order to support those who are sacrificing every drop of their “Sweat for the Nation”, Sponsor has come up with a short film under the concept “we are at home for the nation, while you work for us outside”.  The film is dedicated to each and every individual who is out there making sacrifices to fight in the frontline to ensure that most of us can live our lives safely and happily. The brand is also sending out a Sponsor Caravan with 150,000 bottles of its beverage to give to hospitals in Bangkok and upcountry, as well as to officials at checkpoints and provincial government offices. The aim is to ensure that all those people working hard to keep 

The third activity, “Sweat to Help”, gives the kind and generous among us a chance to make every drop of our sweat count. Under this activity, Sponsor will set aside 10 baht for every video clip submitted of a participant working up a sweat exercising at home to support an organization fighting against COVID-19.1  The terms and conditions for this activity will soon be announced via Sponsor’s Facebook page as well as through the social-media accounts of Thai professional football players, who will be out there motivating you to “sweat” and contribute to society.

The sports drink brand Sponsor has been growing with Thai society for more than 35 years and is once again standing by the people of Thailand to encourage each and every one of us to work hard to pull through this crisis. Please visit Facebook page Sponsor Thailand for updates on the “Sweat for Victory”, “Sweat for the Nation” and “Sweat to Help” activities.

1Sponsor will convert each clip into money with total donation of up to 1 million baht.