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Marketing Campaign Features the Glamour-Chic Duo Presenters: 
Kan and Margie

On 12 September 2017, the TCP Group launched two new flavors of ‘Ready’ energy drink, reinforcing its leadership in the premium energy drink market for the new generation. 

According to Surachai Chonglertvarawong, Marketing Director, the new ‘Ready Black’ containing collagen and zinc to keep the body fit and firm, is targeted at male consumers, while ‘Ready Pink’ containing collagen and vitamin C for healthy and radiant skin, is targeted at female consumers. Both formulas contain less sugar. A budget of over 100 million Baht was invested in the marketing campaign under the theme “Work Hard Yet Look Good”, designed to cater to the new generation and working-age consumers via all possible channels. Featured together for the first time in the marketing campaign are the famous actor and television host “Kan – Kantathavorn”, and the popular actress “Margie – Rasri” as the latest tandem of presenters of Ready energy drink.


The press conference marking the launch, was attended by a large number of press members in the business and entertainment fields. Both presenters, Kan and Margie, who are real fans of ‘Ready Black’ and ‘Ready Pink’, performed live on stage drinking the newly launched ‘Ready’ energy drinks amidst the cheering crowd.


What’s more, lucky Ready customers won the chance to join an exclusive party, playing fun-filled games and taking photos with the presenters.


Click here to see video clip of the live stage show at the ‘Ready Black’ and ‘Ready Pink’ launch event whereby Kan proposed marriage to Margie, and a behind-the-scenes clip of the new television commercial for both products.