Personalized service:
Our services are ready to be adapted to the production needs of each business

 Reliable quality:

  • Our automatic control system for the mixing process measures the specified quality of the product before sending it for packing.
  • Our modern filling machine in the sterile room can be loaded with glass bottles, PET bottles, and cans, and is able to handle both hot and cold beverages.


 Capacity: We offer bottle blowing molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. We can produce up to 30,000 bottles / hour with a blow molding machine.

 Strong transport system: Rest assured that your products will reach consumers on time with our warehouse management run on the WMS system

 Large warehousing capacity: We have large warehouses that meet the requirements of all business segments as they support storage of up to 60,000 pallets.

 Professional and flexible: With more than 60 years experience in the business, our professional teams can work on storage and shipping to customers in all parts of the country.

We are able to manufacture small quantities: Small quantity production can reduce your storage and working capital problems