Both forests and water are vital, as they are the source of life and food that sustainably nourishes society. The conservation of forests and water has been one of TCP’s missions for many years. Under this mission, the Kratingdaeng (Red Bull) Spirit Project was initiated with the aim of implementing social contribution activities with volunteer communities from upstream to downstream – in order to create a link between the ecological system and human well-being

The operation of the Red Bull Spirit Project is divided into 3 parts: 

  1. Upstream: cooperation with upstream communities in the conservation and enhancement of quality of life (including the storage of water, expansion of watershed forest areas, as well as promotion of the idea of living in harmony and sustainability with nature); 
  2. Midstream: cooperation with Sustainable Agriculture Groups in various areas to campaign for reduction, restriction, and elimination of chemical use in agriculture – in order to ensure food stability as well as to preserve the environment and nature; 
  3. Downstream: cooperation with sea gypsy communities in the protection of coastal and marine ecological systems – as a way to rehabilitate and mitigate impacts originating upstream, in order to sustain rich marine natural resources.

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