Realizing the seriousness of water-related problems and the importance of water for living, the company established the Love & Conserve Water Project, in accordance with His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s advocacy on the significance of water.


A major problem faced by Thai farmers of the past and present is the shortage of water for agricultural use, as most of the agricultural areas are located in the low rainfall zone. Therefore, the Love & Conserve Water Project was initiated with the aim of helping farmers in the affected areas to reduce cost, increase income, enhance their quality of life, and support them to live a self-sufficient life. This project was aimed at returning profits to society, in accordance with Red Bull Company Limited’s corporate policy.

The project’s pilot activity was a collaboration between the Royal Project Foundation under the Royal Patronage and Red Bull Company Limited, in building 80 community water reservoirs and 210 water storage ponds within the compound of the Royal Project Foundation in the North of Thailand. This was part of the attempt to mitigate the community’s hardship caused by drought that normally occurs from November to April each year. This pilot activity resulted in ensuring the target community to have sufficient supply of water for consumption.

The construction of reservoirs and ponds, however, marked only the beginning of the We Love Water Project; Red Bull Beverage Company Limited is committed to incessantly continue carrying out water conservation-related activities to help communities across Thailand address drought, flood, waste water, and other issues as deemed appropriate in each area – in line with the company’s attempt to fulfill His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s vision towards water sufficiency and living.

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