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TCP Corporate Group established Hainan Red Bull Energy Drink Co. Ltd. in 1993, in Hainan province, ancestral homeland of Yoovidhya family.  Hainan Red Bull manufactures Red Bull – named Hong Niu in Chinese. In response to the drink’s increasing popularity, Mr. Chaleo and his family established Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co. Ltd. (RBVC) in 1995 with other shareholders in order to serve Red Bull to Chinese consumers nationwide. In May 2020, TCP Group invested more than USD 150 million to expand Red Bull operations in China included new products launch from Red Bull and other innovative products from the brands under TCP Group. TCP Group is now continually launching Red Bull's new products in China.

Domestic manufactured Red Bull, “Red Bull® Vitamin Taurine Drink and “Red Bull® Vitamin Flavor Drink” give the opportunity for Chinese people to try the original taste of Red Bull which imported from its origin, Thailand.

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Energy drink, a beverage that offers quick energy, improve alertness and reversal of fatigue, as well as enhanced physical performance.

Red Bull® Vitamin flavor drink

250 ml.

Red Bull contains high quality ingredients such as taurine, inositol and vitamin B. The product is scientifically formulated and combined with the classic flavor of Red Bull which conveying "Zhenniu Spirit" of courageousness and strength, featuring “always challenging and overcoming limits”.



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