Looking at what makes Red Bull Halls XS unique!

4 October 2022

The Gen Z lifestyle is effortlessly using energy and creative ideas every day. This makes Gen Z different, and they look for some assistance for their creative energy, to live in the way they want. For this segment, TCP has launched Red Bull Halls XS, a new kind of cooling sensation to stimulate creative juices and support an inventive lifestyle. This differentiates Red Bull Hall XS and makes it unique for Gen Z.

  1. Red Bull, a global Thai brand

Red Bull is a Thai brand which is avidly consumed and appreciated around the world, with its roots in the Krating Daeng logo of two bulls and the Sun in the background. Red Bull now has over 10 energy drink products for sale in both Thailand and overseas, which fulfill differing demands from consumers, and the latest addition to this stable is Red Bull Halls XS.

  1. Synergizing with the popular flavours of Halls XS

Many people are familiar with Halls XS Red Bull candy manufactured by Mondelez International Thailand, who have added the Red Bull flavour to create Halls XS candies. These have become wildly popular with consumers, achieving success in terms of both sales and market buzz.

This time around, TCP is leveraging the partnership with Mondelez on another Brand Collaboration. The two most popular flavours of Halls XS candy, watermelon and mentholyptus, have been transformed into energy drinks which come in both flavours, in an unprecedented formulation.

  1. Cooling sensation just right for Gen Z

TCP group intends that the Red Bull Halls XS flavours are a big break away from the traditional energy drink taste. The result is an energy drink to provide a uniquely fresh and cooling sensation appreciable from the first sip. The novel beverages have been crafted to be an energy and creativity booster for Gen Z consumers.

  1. More benefits to ignite unlimited creative energy

Red Bull Halls XS is the first energy drink brand to understand the needs of Gen Z, by getting to know the lifestyles and behaviors, as well as the preferences of this segment. They need both physical and mental energy from when they wake up to when they go to bed. The new Red Bull Halls XS, which contains the popular Halls XS flavours and cooling sensation, also provides the benefits of Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and taurine to boost the function of the brain and nervous system. On top of this, the product is sugar free, making it the perfect everyday companion for health-conscious Gen Z.

  1. Just the right size, handier, at an affordable price

Red Bull Halls XS is an energy drink packaged in 170ml aluminium cans, a size which is handy to carry around, delivers the appropriate serving for each drink, and is on sale for the affordable price of only 15 THB.

All of the above is what makes Red Bull Halls XS stand out in the world of energy drinks, and what makes it spark creative energy for Gen Z, to live the lives they want in the form of #ENERGENIUS.

Myths you need to know about the energy drinks

  • Although energy drinks contain caffeine, of which the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is approximately 400mg/day, the energy drinks manufactured by TCP group contain an average of only 50mg of caffeine per can or bottle.
  • Energy drinks also contain taurine and vitamins which are essential for the body, such as vitamin B3 (niacin) with an RDA of 20mg, Vitamin B6 with an RDA of 2mg and Vitamin B12 with a daily need of 12μ All of these essential nutrients can be obtained from energy drinks manufactured by TCP Group.
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