Sponsor becomes the first Thai brand to debut the VNL finals in Thailand, energizing Thais to “Cheer for Thailand with All Your Heart in this Unforgettable Match”

6 March 2024

TCP Group, the manufacturer and distributor of “Sponsor,” the number one sports drink in Thailand, has partnered with Volleyball World to sign a memorandum of understanding for the title sponsorship of the “Women's Volleyball Nations League 2024 Finals Bangkok” competition in Thailand becoming the first Thai brand bringing the finals for the Thai people. The company has also launched the "Sponsor Fresh and Forward, to be No.1 in a Variety of Sports" campaign which aims to endorse a range of sports and motivate increased participation among people in physical activities through a series of initiatives throughout the year.

Mr. Finn Taylor, CEO of Volleyball World, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Sponsor to host the Women's Volleyball Nations League 2024 Finals in Thailand. Bangkok is considered the best venue for hosting the VNL in the world given the unique and enthusiastic Thai fans who are known for their powerful cheering and positive energy. Following the success of last year, the viewership of the VNL competition on television and online soared to 68 million views, underscoring the immense popularity of volleyball in Thailand and worldwide. We hope that the collaboration of all stakeholders in organizing the final round of the competition in Thailand will create a memorable and world-class experience, making it an impressive match for volleyball fans.”

Ms. Prapaipak Weigl, Global Marketing Director (F&B) of TCP Group, said, “Sponsor is extremely proud to be the first Thai brand to provide a global experience to the Thai people, while also building a world-class reputation for Thailand. We were determined to bring the VNL finals to Thailand for the very first time giving Thais and volleyball fans the chance to cheer for the Thai national team and world-class teams closely in the eight-team final round. The Sponsor brand, through its sponsorship of the VNL 2024 competition, is expected to reach at least 20 million unique viewers, spreading awareness among consumers, especially sports enthusiasts, solidifying Sponsor as a beloved brand among Thai consumers and highlighting its number one position in Thailand's sports drink market.”

Apart from the VNL sponsorship, Sponsor has continuously provided support for a range of other sports and athletes through the "Sponsor Fresh and Forward, to be No.1 in a Variety of Sports" campaign, encompassing a range of sports to promote physical activities and wellness through several sports competitions, both nationally and internationally, totaling over 150 sporting events throughout the year. This also includes the "Heat Combat" campaign, encouraging people to drink Sponsor. Due to the long summer in Thailand, daily activities still cause perspiration leading to water and electrolyte loss, even for those not engaged in physical exercise. Therefore, electrolyte replenishment is hugely important and will help counter hot weather conditions.

The "Cheer for Thailand with All your Heart in this Unforgettable Match" campaign features a Sponsor Fan Zone, where Thai volleyball fans can passionately support their team from the sidelines, and exciting activities to energize the power of cheering, including the Double Giant Balloon for stadium spectators to try. Additionally, there will be opportunities to win volleyball shirts from Sponsor. Attendees can also participate in various games at the Sponsor Booth Activity area, where refreshing Sponsor will also be provided. Let’s all cheer for the Thai national team and other world-class teams in the eight-team final round, which is scheduled to take place from June 20 to 23, 2024 at the Indoor Stadium Huamark.


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