TCP Group leads Asia’s energy drink market Elevating the House of Great Brands, creating a secondary brand in the international market

4 March 2024

TCP Group, the manufacturer and distributor of Kratingdaeng (Red Bull), Ready, Som Plus, Sponsor, Mansome, Hi!, Puriku, Sunsnack, and Warrior, has showcased its remarkable achievements in expanding the Thai energy drink brand to the international market. This expansion highlights its position as the House of Great Brands, which is committed to delivering high-quality products tailored to meeting the evolving demands of modern consumers. By continuously accelerating growth, TCP Group aims to elevate “Sponsor” as the second most favored brand among consumers worldwide.

Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer of TCP Group, addressed the strategy for international marketing, stating, “Our next move in penetrating the global market entails a concentrated effort on our flagship products (Grow the core), including Red Bull and Kratingdaeng, while concurrently establishing ‘Sponsors’ to captivate consumers worldwide. We aim to instill confidence in the quality, taste, and benefits of our products, aligning with the unmet needs of modern consumers. Additionally, we remain committed to maintaining our leadership position in Asia’s energy drink market, continuously reinforcing Thailand's reputation.”

Currently, the revenue share of TCP Group’s energy drink segment accounts for 70% from foreign markets, encompassing Vietnam, China, and Malaysia.

Accelerating efforts to secure our position as Asia’s leading energy drink brand.

Over 5,000 employees work at TCP Group spanning operations in Thailand and abroad, exporting Thai energy drink products to 14 countries. Additionally, the flavor of Red Bull energy drink is exported and marketed in over 170 countries worldwide. Despite facing delays due to COVID-19, TCP Group has renewed its efforts in the international market over the past year with an investment plan totaling 12 billion baht, both in Thailand and overseas, with a primary strategy focused on the Asian market.

  • Established two production bases, one in China and the other in Nepal, bringing the total number of factories to six across different locations: Three in China, and one each in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Nepal.
  • Established a new office in Malaysia, with a total of four offices located in Vietnam, Myanmar, China, and Malaysia.

Ranked as the market leader across Asia:

  • Vietnam: Red Bull is beloved by Vietnamese consumers and has maintained its position as the best-selling market leader for over two decades.
  • China: Red Bull was recognized as one of the “Top Growing Brands” in the Chinese market by Kantar Worldpanel and a pioneer in introducing the first PET bottled Red Bull product in China.
  • Malaysia: Red Bull has maintained its status as the best-selling market leader for over three decades.
  • Singapore: Red Bull has dominated the number one position in the energy drink market for over four decades.
  • Laos: While Sponsor has dominated the sports drink market in Laos and Red Bull has been one of the leading brands in the energy drink market – both for over a decade.
  • Cambodia: Since 2000s, Red Bull is one of the key pioneer brand that drive and grow energy drink market and becoming one of the most famous energy drink brand in the market.
    • Brunei Darussalam: Red Bull has remained the top-selling energy drink for more than two decades.

Through marketing strategies specifically tailored to consumers in each country, TCP Group has initiated a range of marketing activities that resonate with local consumers. For instance, in the Chinese market, the company hosted the Very Thai Music Festival as part of an ongoing series of China-Thai cultural exchange events, served as an official partner of the Optics Valley Marathon and Zhengzhou-Yellow River Marathon, and partnered with the Forbidden City Culture to launch the year-of-the-dragon limited edition, empowering Chinese consumers to overcome challenges and push their boundaries. In addition, TCP Group utilized music marketing to break into the Cambodian market with its “I'm POWERED” campaign by partnering with Pleng Music Application and MORM PICHERITH, the local artists to sponsor MV and receiving views as high as 22 Million views, aiming to connect and inspire the new generation. As a result, every country where TCP Group operates has seen wide acceptance of its products.

“TCP Group will persist in leveraging the collective strengths of its subsidiaries to achieve extraordinary success in the global market, fortifying our purpose of genuinely and sustainably ‘Energizing a Better World for All,’” concluded Mr. Saravoot.


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