TCP Group showcases the success of its “TCP Embracing Thailand's River Basin” sustainable water resource development project

24 January 2023

TCP Group unveiled the successful impacts of the “TCP Embracing Thailand's River Basin” project, which was initiated in 2019. Today, the project was shown to have increased the amount of water in the management system to 15 million cubic meters with over 40,000 beneficiaries living in the Yom, Bang Pakong and the Mekong river basin areas which has an approximate economic value of 75 million baht. It promotes the "TCP Embracing Thailand's River Basin" project, Yom river basin in Phrae Province as an important prototype integrating the “Reforestation - Water Development - Smart Farming” approaches, achieving results that have exceeded their targets.

Ms. Aranya Luepradid, Associate Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, TCP Group, said, “The TCP Embracing Thailand's River Basin Project was piloted based on our determination to create a strong cooperative network in the development of water resources, joining with the community and government sector, led by the Utokapat Foundation Under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the King and the Hydro Informatics Institute (HII), and the private sector. As the project sponsor, TCP Group has been working closely in the area and felt tremendously proud of their success exceeding the target, especially in the Yom river basin in Phrae Province, from the operations that were initially planned and implemented by the community, and enhanced by government agencies. This effort has helped inform and bring about innovations and technologies to achieve accurate data analysis resulting in systematic and tangible operations allowing the community to revive arid land with potable water and farming. The success is not only about water management, but also having a positive impact on society which generates unity, careers, and benefits from the use of information. TCP Group will continue to work on the development and management of water resources with the ultimate goal of becoming an organization that is net water positive by reducing our consumption from water resources and returning more than 100% clean water to local water sources.”

Mr. Wirit Kawayapanik, Committee of Phrae Water Resources Management Center, said, “As a representative of the residents of Phrae, I would like to thank TCP Group for supporting and participating in the development of the Yom river basin through a ‘Reforestation - Water Development - Smart Farming’ approach that applies science and technology to restore and conserve various areas with a focus on sustainability. I also appreciate the assistance of the Phrae Water Resources Management Center which collected natural resources data that led to this successful outcome. This includes providing knowledge, and the notification of useful news on agriculture and water management so we can effectively prepare for the occurrence of climate and natural disasters. Therefore, this area wasn’t massively affected by flooding last year. But we have a continuous operational plan with the community as a key driving force having the capacity to plan, manage and maintain the water source system themselves, enhancing agricultural security and the community’s economy.”


Mrs. Pensri Panfong, Representative of the Mae Khaming Community in Phrae Province, shared her participation in the project, noting that, “Phrae Province previously faced problems with floods and droughts caused by the lack of systematic water management and the encroachment of upstream forest areas. Once this project was piloted, it helped to create a water management network, which resulted in strong cooperation. Currently, we have more water in the reservoir than the community needs. This allows residents to continuously produce value-added products. During the COVID outbreak, many family members moved back home, and fortunately, they were able to generate income from farming, earning anywhere between 8,000-15,000 baht per month, creating sustainable benefits as well.”

Water management model

  1. Reforestation: Laying fire prevention lines, taking care of watershed forests, reinforcing upstream weirs and installing a piping system to add water to the reservoir.
  2. Water Storage Development: Building a tower-shaped reservoir allocated for agricultural use and consumption.
  3. Smart Farming: Constructing a rail system to deliver water to farmland, installing a water distribution system for agriculture, collecting data for analysis and to notify the community, and establishing an agricultural learning center under the initiative of His Majesty the King.

Achievements of the TCP Embracing Thailand's River Basin Project in the Yom River Basin area in Phrae Province

  • Currently, the Huai Pa Yang Reservoir's capacity has increased to 959,000 cubic meters, with water volume increasing by 341,000 cubic meters, with a capacity to manage water up to six cycles per year.
  • Farmers can generate between 8,000-15,000 baht per month in income.
  • There are various forms of water management suitable for the context and use of each area, including adding spillways, raising the water level of the Huai Pom Reservoir stored in a high tank tower, using solar panels to reduce energy consumption in the pumping system, and building weirs from natural materials generating soil moisture in the area.
  • The community has taken an ownership role in the project working collaboratively to plan every step in the process resulting in sustainable and self-reliant water management.

TCP Group provided 100 million baht in funding to implement the “TCP Embracing Thailand's River Basin” project based on its five-year operational plan (2019-2023) in the Yom, Bang Pakong, and Mekong river basin community area covering seven provinces enabling access to more than 15 million cubic meters of water for consumption, or more than three times the amount of water used by TCP Group throughout the process. This project is in line with the company’s “Caring - energizing our environment” strategy. In 2023, TCP Group aims to expand this success in an additional three provinces, Prachinburi, Sa Kaeo, and Nakhon Nayok, which are each implementing the project.



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