TCP Group Unveils World’s First Bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink and Its Brand Ambassador Patrick Nattawat Finkler

26 September 2023

TCP Group, the inventor and owner of the global Red Bull brand and the "Red Bull" trademark, unveiled the world’s first PET-bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink on September 26. With upgraded packaging and formula, the energy drink giant strives to give consumers EXTRA energy support. Moreover, TCP Group is delighted to announce Thai singer and actor Patrick Nattawat Finkler, also known as Yin Haoyu (Patrick), as the brand ambassador for Red Bull® Energy Drink. Together, TCP Group is committed to inspiring potential and self-improvement for consumers, with Red Bull® Energy Drink of "diverse vitality, to support you anytime anywhere."

The world's first PET bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink brings enhanced energy support to consumers through three major upgrades. Firstly, the packaging is more portable. The new Red Bull product is offered in PET bottles, which is more suitable for mainstream consumption scenarios in the ready-to-drink market , allowing consumers to enjoy the energy provided by Red Bull anytime and anywhere in work and life. Secondly, the energy is more diverse. Zinc gluconate and yeast β-glucan are specially added to bring multiple energy and inspiring better performance. Thirdly, a larger capacity is offered. The 400ml capacity can provide more energy support and thus better cater to consumer needs. At the same time, the amount of taurine contained in one bottle also increases, thus offering more energy.

The World's First PET Bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink

Join Hands with New Brand Ambassador Patrick Featuring Diversified Energy and Life Maximizer to Bring to Life Red Bull's Spirit of "Go Beyond, No Limits"

Launching brand-new bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink represents TCP Group's keen insight into market demand and close attention to consumer lifestyle. As TCP Group thus enriches Red Bull's product portfolio, the brand has gone from strength to strength and created an ever closer emotional bond with different consumer groups. "Always Challenging and Overcoming Limits" has always been at the very core of Red Bull's brand spirit, inspiring generation upon generation of consumers to grow together with it over the past years.

Yin Haoyu (Patrick), The brand ambassador for Red Bull® Energy Drink

As a representative of the new generation of celebrity, Patrick endears himself to the public by pursuing greater diversity, pushing beyond what's thought to be possible, and never settling for anything less than his best, which is also the brand spirit celebrated by Red Bull. Since his debut, this energetic young man has been impressing the public with his variety of styles as he shines in diverse fields from singing and dancing to acting and variety shows. Half Thai and half German, he can speak four languages, making him even more charming. To chase his dream, he has been breaking through his limitations. From his decision to go to China at a young age where he has attracted a legion of fans who love his excellent singing and dancing performances, to his success in mastering Chinese quickly and speaking the language fluently in his film and variety show works, he has been challenging himself to do better driven by passion and enthusiasm. Nicknamed "Pai Pai" by his Chinese fans, he is full of energy and talent to be a “Niu Qi Pai(Style)” and “Life Maximizer Pai(Style)”, which has inspired others to pursue perfection and become better themselves. As he does so, he brings to life what Red Bull wants to convey by advocating the attitude of "Go Beyond, No Limits".

Globally First PET-bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink Better Caters to Diversified Consumption Scenarios and Needs

Back in the 1970s, TCP Group founder Chaleo Yoovidhya developed the Red Bull brand and also created a brand-new beverage category. Decades later, Red Bull has grown into a world-leading energy drink brand with products sold in over 170 countries and regions the world over. This impressive success is essentially owed to Red Bull's unremitting pursuit of breakthroughs and innovation and unwavering commitment to bringing excellent consumer product experience.

As a leader in the energy drink market, TCP Group has managed to stay on top of the market trends through continuous innovation. As a part of such efforts, it has constantly rolled out new Red Bull products that can better meet the needs of local consumers in recent years. In 2019, it launched the classic Red Bull®️ Vitamin Flavor Drink which has been popular with consumers for its classic flavor and excellent quality. In 2022, it introduced the concept of "sugar-free and burden-free" into energy drinks and launched a new Red Bull product Zero-sugar Fruit-flavored Red Bull® Vitamin Energy Drink. Now in 2023, it continued to pursue innovation, launching the globally first PET-bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink, which is expected to provide EXTRA energy support to consumers under diverse consumption scenarios and better cater to their diversified needs.

President of TCP China Supachai Junkeiat said, "This time, we have launched brand-new bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink products with more consumer-friendly packaging, more diversified energy, and a larger capacity. This move can not only help us create more possibilities in consumption scenarios, but also demonstrate our commitment to providing our consumers with excellent products. We are very confident in the Chinese market. In the future, we will continue to further deepen our presence in China and strengthen our strategic positioning in the market, introducing more high-quality products and better meeting diversified consumer needs. In so doing, we strive to energize a better world for all!"


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