TCP Group's Red Bull Provides Energy Support for the Optics Valley Marathon and the Zhengzhou Marathon

30 October 2023

This year's Optics Valley Marathon and Zhengzhou Marathon kicked off on October 28 and 29, respectively. As the official partner of both marathon events, TCP Group Red Bull brand establishes close cooperation with them to provide participants with energy support. As part of the efforts, TCP Red Bull products have been designated as the official energy drinks to replenish energy for runners. Besides, both marathon events have set up the "Challenging Yourself by One More Step" finish line and the Red Bull Brand Special Zone to inspire runners to keep marching forward courageously.

Run as the Starting Gun Fired! TCP Group Inspires Runners to Move "One More Step" with "Zhenniu Spirit"

The marathon fever has epitomized the public's growing enthusiasm for fitness. The 2023 "Run Towards the World · Optics Valley Marathon" was held in Wuhan on October 28, with an estimated 16,400 participants. Notably, this year's Optics Valley Marathon has been upgraded into a full marathon race for the first time and consisted of four major events: Marathon, Half Marathon, Health Run, and Enterprise Relay. Being held on October 29, the 2023 Zhengzhou Marathon also set up four major events, i.e. Marathon, Half Marathon, Health Run and Family Run, and Health Run on the Road along the Yellow River, and attracted a total of 40,000 participants.

"Challenging Yourself by One More Step" finish line

Being consistent in marathon sprot, the Red Bull brand has always celebrated persistence and enterprise, which is at the very core of its brand spirit of "Always Challenging and Overcoming Limits." As the inventor and owner of the global Red Bull brand and the "Red Bull" trademark, TCP Group has become the official partner of the Optics Valley Marathon and the Zhengzhou Marathon and conveyed the "Zhenniu Spirit" to tens of thousands of runners. As the official energy drink of the two marathon events, Red Bull has provided diverse products on the site for runners including Red Bull® Vitamin Flavor Drink, Zero-sugar Fruit-flavor Red Bull® Vitamin Energy Drink, and brand-new bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink. Meanwhile, the "Challenging Yourself by One More Step" finish line and a special zone for the Red Bull brand have been set up. Thus, TCP Group can not only provide and replenish energy for participants but also convey Red Bull's "Zhenniu" attitude and bring the spirit of "Always Challenging and Overcoming Limits" to life together with running enthusiasts.

Empowering the brand with sportsmanship and diversifying products to meet diverse needs

A brand born with a strong competitive sports gene, Red Bull has taken keeping innovating, making breakthroughs, and pursuing perfection as an integral part of its brand spirit, which has helped establish it as a popular flagship energy beverage brand in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Through continuous innovation, TCP Group strives to keep abreast of the latest developments in the market and roll out new products that can better meet the changing needs of local consumers, thereby empowering the Red Bull brand and creating new value for different consumer groups.

Bearing in mind its commitment to bringing excellent consumer product experience, TCP Group has constantly enriched Red Bull's product portfolio since it entered the Chinese market. In 2019, it launched the classic Red Bull®️ Vitamin Flavor Drink which has been popular with consumers for its classic flavor and excellent quality. In 2022, it introduced the concept of "sugar-free and burden-free" into energy drinks and launched a new Red Bull product Zero-sugar Fruit-flavor Red Bull® Vitamin Energy Drink. Recently, it unveiled the globally first bottled Red Bull® Energy Drink products with more consumer-friendly packaging, more diversified energy, and a larger capacity to provide EXTRA energy support to consumers under diverse consumption scenarios and better cater to their diversified needs. Over the past years, TCP Group has worked to promote the national fitness culture in China, convey "Zhenniu Spirit" to different consumer groups, and contribute to the building of a "Healthy China."

Red Bull®️ Vitamin Flavor Drink

Red Bull® Vitamin Energy Drink

Red Bull® Energy Drink

Supachai Junkeiat, President of TCP China said, "This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Red Bull brand's entry into the Chinese market. Now, Red Bull has become a representative brand in the energy beverage industry and Red Bull products have remained popular among Chinese consumers. Meanwhile, Red Bull's brand spirit has inspired generation upon generation of consumers to push the boundaries and go beyond the limits. Through this cooperation with the two marathon events, we hope to bring Red Bull's brand influence into better play to ignite people's enthusiasm for sports, inject new momentum into China's national fitness culture, and contribute to China's sports industry and 'Healthy China' strategic goal. Going forward, TCP Group will continue to bring more high-quality products to consumers and join hands with them for 'Energizing a Better World for All'."


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