Durbell opens its “Wang Noi Distribution Center” highlighting its strategic location to expand capacity and support partners, targeting 50% growth in five years

15 January 2024

Durbell, a leading distribution and logistics company in Thailand under the TCP Group, continues its expansion in alignment with the “Growing – Energizing Our Growth” strategy. The company has inaugurated a new distribution center in Wang Noi District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, with an investment exceeding 100 million baht to boost its warehouse efficiency and support the growth of business partners. The center is in a strategic location offering comprehensive services that integrate both offline and online operations, leveraging a robust network of transport vehicles and stores. Durbell aims to achieve 50% revenue growth over five years (2023 to 2028).

Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer of TCP Group, said, “The launch of Durbell's second distribution center underscores our dedication to modernizing and integrating the logistics industry. With intelligent warehouses and omnichannel services, we are connecting offline and online platforms to ensure that all of our partners receive a seamless experience across all channels. Additionally, the economic trend is expected to grow, driven by government stimulus measures and support from the tourism sector. I am confident that “Durbell” will contribute significantly to the growth of the goods transportation market. Our goal is to double our growth by focusing on expanding our non-TCP customer portfolio, which currently accounts for 25% of our business, compared to 75% from that of TCP Group. Over the past year, Durbell has serviced 13 partners, achieving income growth of over 20%.”

Durbell is well-prepared to support the growing omnichannel trend and the requirements of new non-TCP customers with its comprehensive services. The newly inaugurated second distribution center in Wang Noi, situated in a strategic location, offers convenient transportation links, connecting Bangkok with other regions, facilitating 24-hour transportation to Durbell branches nationwide. This ensures continuous product supply and inventory readiness to meet consumer demands.

Highlights of Durbell’s Wang Noi Distribution Center

Overview: Spanning 11 rai, the center comprises four buildings with the capability to store products up to five floors high. The warehouse floor is designed to support a weight of three tons per square meter, adhering to warehouse standards. It can accommodate more than 10,000 pallets, contributing to Durbell’s overall capacity nationwide, which includes two distribution centers (Bang Bon and Wang Noi) and 22 branch offices, collectively managing over 54,000 pallets.

Technology: Utilizing international technology standards, the center enhances various aspects of warehouse systems, enabling precise management and real-time tracking. This includes the implementation of systems such as WMS, DMS, and ePOD.

Sustainability: Prioritizing environmental sustainability, the center addresses both air and noise pollution, and reduces urban congestion. This is achieved through the use of electric forklifts, LED lighting, and plans to implement EV transport vehicles, currently under testing. Furthermore, an efficient transportation system aims to reduce carbon emissions in every production process.

The “Understand – Access” strategy creates a competitive edge for Durbell:

  • Durbell possesses the expertise to offer comprehensive services to partners, including product reception, product distribution, consultations, and marketing plan development. The company helps partners in efficient market analysis and planning accurately and professionally, enabling rapid market penetration and consumer base expansion.
  • Durbell is prepared to meet the needs of new customers seeking new services such as Warehouse, Fulfillment, and Co-Packing, aligned with the growing omnichannel trend for a seamless offline to online experience.
  • A diverse distribution network, transport vehicles, and teams facilitate widespread and swift product distribution. This system enables maximum efficiency for customers, particularly in the distribution of new product development (NPD), allowing Durbell to distribute new products throughout the country to over 140,000 stores within just 12 days.

Durbell has been committed to continuous development for 21 years, offering comprehensive logistics services that create competitive advantages, elevating business partners, promoting sustainable growth, and driving the Thai economy forward.


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