14 December 2020

When Coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019 with an outbreak among a multitude of Chinese population and then quickly spread to many countries in February 2020, TCP Group closely followed the news about COVID-19 pandemic and realized its monumental impacts. Running the international business in various countries and having become part of each local community to fight this crisis, TCP Group formed a task force team to provide support to the medical personnel in unison with an effort to relieve the ongoing crisis.

In February 2020, TCP Group allocated 1.6-million-USD budget to donate to charitable organizations that had been providing aid in Wuhan, China. Then in March 2020, additional 1.5 million USD was granted to support medical institutes and personnel in Thailand and ASEAN, aiming to promote safety and effectiveness of medical personnel in screening and caring for COVID-19 patients while minimizing viral transmission as much as possible. TCP Group also utilized the capability of its personnel and its business network while joining the mission alongside the doctors and nurses throughout the country to comprehensively handle this crisis.

In March 2021, the number of COVID-19 cases grew, with infection clusters emerging in many areas. The government had to control the outbreak by locking down the whole country, imposing travel restrictions and forbidding any activities that were risky of transmitting the virus. It resulted in hardship in multiple aspects including health, economy, livelihood, education, etc.

As this crisis persists for over 2 years, TCP Group alloted over 6-million-USD budget to support all of its stakeholder groups including the community, the society, the fellow employees, the business partners, and the public according to the organization’s goal of “Energizing a Better World for All.”


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